✔ You can:

• Use my texture packs for videos and streams

• Make edits only for personal use without distribution

• Make a review in videos leaving necessarily these credits:

Credits example:


Name for WWI Pack: World War I Resource Pack x32

Name for Thalyrus Pack: Thalyrus Medieval Warfare x32

Author: SachoSenior


✘ You can't:


1- Use my textures to make an edit or mashup of these to distribute

2- Use external/cloud storage links like Mediafire to distribute my packs

                  3- Review my texture packs in websites and forums without my                 permission

                  4- Port my texture packs to another games versions like Bedrock               or Minetest

Theses rules applies for all my artworks. If you want to talk to me about some of this, you can do it in contact