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✔ You can:

• Use my texture packs for videos and streams

• Make edits only for personal use without distribution

• Make a review in videos leaving necessarily these credits:

✘ You can't:


1- Use my textures to make an edit or mashup of these to distribute

2- Use external/cloud storage links like Mediafire to distribute my packs

             3- Review my texture packs in websites and forums without                     my permission

             4- Port my texture packs to another games versions like                         Bedrock or Minetest

Credits example for World War I Resource Pack:

Name of Texture Pack: World War I Resource Pack

Author: SachoSenior - Property of SachoProject
Official Page: https://sachoproject.jimdofree.com/wwi-download/



Credits example for Thalyrus Medieval Warfare:
Name of Texture Pack: Thalyrus Medieval Warfare

Author: SachoSenior - Property of SachoProject
Official Page: https://sachoproject.jimdofree.com/thalyrus-download/


Credits example for WWI Weapons Pack:
Name of Texture Pack: World War I Resource Pack


Author: SachoSenior - Property of SachoProject
Official Page: 

- - You can copy and paste this in the description of your video - - 

Theses rules applies for all my artworks. If you want to talk to me about some of this, you can do it in contact