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3,00$ - 5,00$

  1,00$ - 3,00$

Rodrigo_Al (11,00$)
Sentaku_YUjo (6,00$)

Interested in supporting all my work?


Donations support me and show how much you love what I do. To thank you for your donation, you will be:


1) A special @Donator range on my Discord Server to have Direct download without ads.


2) I will design an image exclusively for you, include your username and your game skin. That image will appear inside the texture pack as an easter egg (in the next version of the pack):

Image example

Image inside the texture pack


 This image will be shown on the discord channel ''donators-gallery'' as a token of appreciation for you <3

- - - - - Terms and conditions - - - - -

-The donation must be over $ 1.37 (via paypal) for commission reasons so that I can receive $ 1.00


-Any donation less than $ 1.37 will be refunded.


-You must confirm your donation by contacting me by discord preferably, or by gmail.


-The customized image will take several days to complete, and will be placed on the crafting table of the texture pack (Thalyrus) in the next version.